Leather Pants: Is Vegan The New Black?

These Tory Burch leather skinnies are $995..


It’s no secret that I’ve wanted leather pants for quite some time. So what’s holding me back? Let’s see, they are expensive as hell. I live in hot ass Miami. I suppose that’s it. I’m sure I can find a less expensive pair of leather pants, maybe some vintage ones. But if I’m going to buy leather pants, I want THE PERFECT PAIR. I want them to fit like a pair of kid gloves and be just as soft. I’m really adamant about this. I even have a picture of  Victoria Beckham in some skin tight leather pants on a mood board hanging over my desk.

One alternative to my costly obsession- Vegan Leather. So, what exactly is that?? It’s an animal friendly material made to look and feel like leather. But is that lame? Is it just perpetrating like you’re really wearing leather? Forget about terrible images of pleather (play leather) and the sometimes very cool wet-look  leggings- Vegan Leather can fool you for the real thing. And, it doesn’t take cows dying for your fashion- something I’m not a huge activist on, but lots of people are. I really do love leather and will one day have that perfect pair, but I think the vegan options are really stepping up to the plate. Check out some versions below, and click the photo if you find something worth buying!


Dex Pull On Pant

 These are stretchy in the back with vegan leather paneling in the front- perfect for the less cold Miami winter. Just $59.

Zara Faux Leather Legging

I love the detailing on the knees! For $50, these are  my  favorite so far.

Topshop “Howard” Croc Embossed Pants

At $84 these Topshop pants are affordable and have nice details like the croc print and side zippers. I just wish they were shown on a model.

McQ Faux Leather/Denim Leggings

These McQ by Alexander McQueen skinnies are a cool twist on two classics, and at $345 they aren’t cheap- or cheaply made- expect these to last you a while.

L’Agence Drawstring Trouser

Another twist on a classic silhouette, the sweat pant goes leather-sort of.  L’Agence makes dressing down chic and animal friendly- $378

How do YOU feel about Vegan Leather??

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