Benny Slacks “DAMNED” Tape


Check out the new tape by Miami’s young and talented Benny Slacks. A true testament to a personal moment in time, “DAMNED” is an emotional and heartfelt depiction of a young man’s thoughts weathering  “through computer crashes, lost hard drives, a busy schedule, a break up, school, work, and what not. It’s the pessimistic outlook that [he] had towards life at the moment.”

We are always telling you guys how much talent really lies in this little cty of vice and Benny Slacks is no exception. He is lyrical and smart and takes you on a ride with him. Download the album below to find out. No it’s not free.99 but so what? Literally name your price, and the tape is yours. But keep in mind all the hard work and dedication that went into making this for ya’lls enjoyment! Follow Benny on Twitter @BennySlacks for more updates too!

You KNOW we only recommend the dope shit you need to be up on. So what are you waiting for?

Hear/Download the album HERE



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