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Norma : Hey Guys - So when I approached Aja about the idea  to start this blog it was just to chronicle the side of Miami that we are exposed to aside from the glam and glitz of the South Beach life . Along with our interests and random thoughts came what 2DOPEBITCHES has become today. I hope to take this blog and create an image and a brand for myself and my partner. This blog isn’t necessarily about anything in particular – but your find something interesting , that’s for sure.

Contact norma at : norma@2dopebitches.com


AJA: We decided to start this blog to show all the randomness we get into in Miami and wherever we go. It has evolved into a living breathing platform for us to do what we want to as opposed to working for someone else. We have grown into Event Planning Tastemakers while still remaining bloggers at heart, keeping up with the new music, events, and fashion happening all around us. We try to just show people dope sh*t they might not have seen otherwise- or might have overlooked.

Contact Aja at:  aja@2dopebitches.com

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