Lupe Fiasco’s newest single off his highly anticipated album FOOD AND LIQUOR II, the Great American Rap Album P.1 (highly anticipated by ME at least) is stirring up some controversy on the web and via Twitter. The song, written by the rapper to discuss an ongoing issue with regards to demeaning and confusing words used in society today, has received back lash from a few media outlets who have reduced his enlightening message as a poor attempt at challenging hip-hop. Spin magazine started their critique of the video with the words, “Why must we continually endure Lupe Fiasco’s half-baked conscious hip-pop?” Naturally Lupe Fiasco had something to say about the negative feedback, as would any person who only has positive intensions of reaching to his fans and portraying a positive message. He took to his Twitter to lash back at the magazine stating,:

Lupe continued on to tweet statements in regards to the music magazine’s review and even started a hashtag among his fans in protest to the article, “#BoycottSpinMagazine“. I’ve got to say I personally was taken back by the magazines comments, which seem more to me like actual hate and un-supported negative commentary than actual critique.

Being that the name of our site is 2DOPEBITCHES, the words of this song only remind me what me and thousands of other women are faced with everyday in society. From the Bible’s passages to your mothers own words, words themselves have a way of confusing us and manipulating us due to their definition and interpretation. Due to our own individual experiences and education, we can each interpret one sentence several different ways. When it comes to the word BITCH, generally from its beginnings it has been deemed a negative defamatory word. Used towards women to describe their negative, demanding, annoying ways, or just something you don’t like about them – it’s the ultimate disrespect. In this new generation of Hip-Hop culture we are faced with a confusing illusion as the word has been flipped to describe exactly what a respectable, independent, strong-minded, and powerful woman might be: a bitch. So if your female boss reprimands you for not making your sales goals she’s a bitch, but if you see an attractive woman walk into your store with sexy clothing and a beautiful face she’s a “bad bitch”? This is exactly what Lupe wants you to think about and ,through his song and video, does a great job of discussing.

Lupe Fiasco has sold thousands of records, toured internationally, started his own clothing brand, been on several magazine covers, and worked with the best producers in the industry; his opinion is valid and his points are too.

In the case of the name 2DOPEBITCHES, it only strengthens what Lupe discusses. Something negative and demeaning is now taken as a symbol of empowerment. Maybe we are negative, maybe we are demanding, maybe we are annoying, and maybe you don’t like us. But in the end just how you respect your female boss, you will hopefully respect what we are doing as women and the effort we make to express ourselves though this website and in the end see the word BITCHES in our name and see something positive.

Funny thing is I discussed this very issue a year ago on my guest post for, where I stated that being a BITCH is looked at as a diva or even a brat in the industry, but if Rick Ross is the exact same way he’s looked at as a BOSS. Read my article here and tell me your insights.

Watch the video below and feell free to share your comments in our comment section below.


  1. Dope analysis, seems like all people wanna hear these days are songs talking about “bad bitches & hoes.” I honestly believe good music, REAL music should always make you think things over. Artists like Lupe want to empower and give knowledge to their listeners. I’ll take Lupe over 2Chainz any day yo.

    Good stuff :)


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